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New ‪‎Allied Commercial‬ packaged rooftop Z-Series unit being installed by our customer Cool Environment.

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New ‪#‎AlliedCommercial‬ packaged rooftop Z-Series unit being installed by our customer Cool Environment in Coral Springs today. The Z-Series is a direct replacement unit designed to make swapping out Carrier rooftop units a breeze. They fit on the same curb without the need for a curb adapter. We now are stocked with Allied Commercial units for a projects of any size. We carry a broad commercial product portfolio ranging from 2-50 Tons. Call Jaime Bernat (954) 857-3846 or Volph Lafortune (954) 214-8367 for more information and pricing. ‪#‎AirConditioning ‬‪#‎Florida ‬‪#‎SaezAC ‬‪#‎SaezDistributors‬

Our new Allied Commercial Z-Series unit arrives at the job site. 

The old Carrier unit is making its final descent from the rooftop to finally be retired.

Down and ready to be scrapped for metal.

Allied Commercial Z-Series unit ready to be lifted onto the roof by the crane. Below is some information about the Z-Series.

Why the Z-Series stands out

  • Efficiency ratings up to 13.0 SEER, 13.2 IEER and 11.5 EER
  • Matches the most popular footprint in the commercial industry, eliminating the need for an adapter curb in many replacement jobs
  • Single-Zone VAV (Variable Air Volume) supply fan technology available with 7.5- to 12.5-ton models***
  • Up to 61% power savings over comparable units
  • 29% better moisture removal for humidity control when compared to systems with conventional supply fan motors
  • Optional BACnet compatibility on 7.5- to 12.5-ton models
  • Eco-Last™ Coil System uses up to 52% less refrigerant, is up to 59% lighter, and has up to 20% fewer brazed joints than regular rooftop unit coils (standard on ZC and ZG models)
  • 18% lighter than other like units****
  • Goes through a 200-point quality check
  • High-pressure switch guards the compressor from extreme operating conditions
  • Proven scroll compressor helps long-term operation
  • Tool-less access to filters allows for easy service
  • Common utility connection points allow for faster and easier installations
  • 10-year limited warranty on aluminized gas heat exchanger
  • 5-year limited warranty on compressor
  • 3-year limited warranty on Eco-Last Coil System
  • 1-year limited warranty on covered component

Locked and ready! If you notice that on our#AlliedCommercial units you can lock it in form the corners which are significantly stronger than the sides. On the Carrier unit you will notice how you have to use the side holes. This poses a greater risk of an accident when removing an old unit off a roof because the curb can be rusted and brittle.

After the electrical wiring is done, the crane drops the unit directly onto the curb and its ready to be bolted down and installed. With our Z-Series units, you do not need a curb adapter in most cases when replacing an old Carrier unit. 

Above you can see what we were talking about in the previous photo. The thin sheet of metal if rusted can become brittle and it could be dangerous to lift off a roof. 

Finally, it's off to the scrap yard for our old friend the Carrier unit.