US Motors - UN34V2AC Definite Purpose Motor: 3/4HP 3600RPM 460V

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Product Description

Definite Purpose Three Phase, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) UNIMOUNT, Inverter Duty 10:1 (6-60 Hertz) Speed Range Variable Torque.

Applications: For use on pumps, fans, blowers or other inverter powered applications.


•INVERTER GRADE Insulation system (Meets NEMA MG-1 Part 31)

•Class F Thermostats (One Per Phase)

•Extruded Aluminum Frame (140: Rolled Steel)

•Aluminum end shields with steel bearing inserts

•40°C ambient, NEMA Design B Performance on 60 Hertz Sine Wave Power

•Removable base 180 Frame & Larger

•Lifting provisions 180 Frame & Larger

•Regreasable shaft-end bearing 180 Frame & Larger

•Sealed bearings 56-140, Double shielded bearings 180-280

•Double dip & bake with extra bracing

•Premium efficient design, F1 Assembly position

•Class F Insulation, 1.15 Service factor on Sine Wave / 1.0 Service Factor on PWM

•Constant horsepower to 90 Hertz

•Precision Balance (

•C-Face Footed 1-5 HP

•TENV Enclosure

Technical Specifications

•HP: 3/4

•RPM (Max Speed): 1800(3600)

•Voltage: 208-230/460

•Frame: 56C

•"C" Dim(inches): 8.8

•Full Load Eff: -

•Full Load Amps: 2.8-2.7/1.3

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